BD Barista School

Our Promise

BD Barista School is dedicated to teaching you how to serve

exceptional coffees and teas in an unpretentious, inviting environment.

BD Barista School Will


Create a cooperative training environment for local independent coffee retailers.

Provide a multidisciplinary approach to training including; classroom instruction, online tools, third-party lectures, etc.

Act as a resource for professional Baristas.

Develop course curriculum to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Offer both extended skills-based programs for wholesale and retail role certification as well as individual classes.

Operate as a non-profit center with costs sharing to maintain a sustainable resource.

Serve as a retail employment candidate pool for member organizations.

Help trainees to develop knowledge and aptitude for exceptional coffees and teas.

Facilitate the learned distinction between authentic “Third Wave” coffee and national coffee chains.

Provide a pathway for individual skill and palate development.

Promote a lifelong passion for coffees and teas from around the world!