CSP Sensory Skills Module - Foundation


CSP Sensory Skills Module - Foundation

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Learn about the essentials of sensory evaluation in a practical and interactive manner. Sensory Skills investigates the way we perceive what we taste, how to evaluate coffee’s natural characteristics, and implementing this knowledge in business.

Course Pack:

Each SCA course within the Coffee Skills Program comes with a course pack. Your course pack includes guided notes, supporting research documents, test preparation, and daily lunch.

SCA Certification:

You may take any SCA course with optional SCA Certification. If you are taking this course WITH SCA certification, your exam will take place at 5pm the day of your session.

Available Sessions:

Session 1: 3/16/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 2: 4/13/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 3: 5/11/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 4: 6/15/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 5: 7/13/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 6: 8/13/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 7: 9/13/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 8: 10/13/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 9: 11/16/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)

Session 10: 12/13/18 (8:30A - 4:30P)


  • Foundations Module is a pre-requisite for Intermediate Module
  • Foundations + Intermediate are pre-requisites for Professional Module

Module Placement:

If you feel your experience in the Specialty Beverage Industry warrants you be placed in a higher skill-level course, please email our program director!

SCA Certification Included?:
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