BDBS Membership

BDBS was founded with the mission to become a resource for the local industry and community.  It was not established as a for profit operation, rather one to create a self-sustaining resource to our trade.

Given our founding mission, the school seeks industry participation through active membership support both in financial as well as content and/or instruction contribution.

As BDBS Member organization, companies will benefit from reduced course costs, access to our facility and a host of other services.    

Please JOIN US in the development, delivery, and education of our industry professionals.

BDBS Membership includes:

  • Discounted Program Costs
  • 3 coupons for Individual Courses
  • 3 coupons for Practicum Sessions (participants DO NOT need to be enrolled in a BDBS program)
  • Use of facility for internal meeting / training
  • Business Listing in Trade Directory
  • Access to Trade Calendar
  • Access to Job Board

Program costs are established to maintain affordability for both the prospective candidates as well as sponsoring businesses.