Individual Courses

Hey, coffee and tea enthusiasts! Whether you're a home-roaster looking to hone your skills or a coffee-lover who's just plain curious, BD Barista School individual courses are designed just for you.

BDBS offers both classroom and hands-on courses for individual and/or group learning.  These courses are an excellent way for industry professions and coffee novices to expand their knowledge and personal interests.


We have access to a wealth of industry knowledge and can generally accommodate most individual and group learning requirements. Contact our Program Director for assistance designing a special course for your staff.

NOTE: Courses with a “kettle” have home based applications included in the course. Some courses require experience to ensure understanding of context.

Current Course Offerings

BDBS is currently offering the individual courses below. Click the icons to learn more about each course and/or reserve your spot in the class! You can also reserve a space via the individual course calendar below, which includes up-to-date scheduling on what we're offering now.